GIT Information

The Geoscientist-in-Training (GIT) Program was adopted by TBPG in 2012 and became effective April 29, 2010.

Benefits of the GIT Program

  • Demonstrates an individual’s intent to develop as a professional in the geosciences
  • Receipt of twice yearly TBPG newsletter and other valuable Board information
  • Use of the designations “Geoscientist-in-Training” or “GIT” after their name

Please note that once an individual has accrued five years of geoscience experience (post-graduation from an accredited university), and has successfully passed the practice exam for their discipline, an applicant is qualified for P.G. licensure. The academic requirement has already been met.

Who Qualifies for GIT Certification?

To qualify for GIT certification, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Educational requirement. Graduated from a four-year course of study in a discipline of geoscience, and have completed at least 30 semester hours in geoscience coursework
  • Examination requirement. Successfully passed an examination on the fundamentals of geoscience in one of the following:
    • ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology examination;
    • CSSE Fundamentals of Soil Science examination; or
    • Texas Geophysics examination
  • Reference Statement. One letter of reference attesting to the applicant’s moral character is required.
  • Application and Fee. Submission of an application for GIT (Form H) with payment of the certification fee to TBPG.

GIT Application Procedure

  1. Submit a GIT Certification Application (Form H)*
  2. Submit an official academic transcript showing the degree conferred and the required coursework
  3. Submit one GIT Personal Reference Statement (Form III)
  4. Pay the application fee

Please note that passing scores on the appropriate fundamentals exam is required in order to become a Geoscientist-In-Training.  To request to sit for the Fundamentals of Geology exam or the Texas Geophysics exam, please submit an Examination Request (Form E), and include the requested documentation, and the applicable fees. To request to sit for the Fundamentals of Soil Science exam, please contact CSSE.  For more information on licensing examinations, please see the Exam Information page.

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