Soil Science (CSSE)

Soil Science Exam (Council of Soil Science Examiners)

TBPG utilizes the Council of Soil Science Examiners (CSSE) exam, administered by CSSE for P.G. licensure. For more information on the exam, visit the CSSE website or call 608/273-8085. Proof of passing scores on both portions of the CSSE exam is required in order to be licensed in the soil science discipline. If you have passed the CSSE Soil Science licensing examinations, please download Form V – CSSE Verification of Exam Scores and submit completed form to CSSE for verification of exam scores.  CSSE will forward verification directly to TBPG.

P.G. license applicants will be required to have passed the Fundamentals and Practice of Soil Science examinations.  GIT applicants need to pass the Fundamentals of Soil Science exam only.

The Soils Fundamentals and Professional Practice Exams are now available as continuous testing. The continuous testing registration is open on Examinees may register, schedule, and take the Soil Fundamentals and Professional Practice Exams at any time. There is a delay of one business day before the examinee receives a link to schedule their exam. Scheduling of the exam must be done at least 24 hours in advance of when they would like to take the exam.  If the examinee wants to schedule an exam within 24 hours, they will need to turn on On-Demand Scheduling and will be asked to pay an additional $5.00 fee (this 24-hour policy is a policy of the exam’s remote proctoring company).\

The Soil Science Society of America HIGHLY RECOMMENDS reading the Certification Program Examinee Handbook in entirety.  It contains very important information regarding taking the exam via a remote proctor explaining room, computer, and internet requirements.

The Soil Science Society of America’s Remote Proctor Information page has FAQs, a Remote Proctor Basics Video and a How to Schedule and What to Expect During Your Exam Video for additional information.

If you still wish to take the exam during the scheduled dates in April and November,
the dates for the November 2021 Soils Exams via IBT and remote proctoring are:

Soils Exam Scheduling:  Wednesday, November 10 – Thursday, November 18, 2021
Soils Exam Window:  Wednesday, November 17 – Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The cost of the soil science exams for 2021 will be $248.00 ($195.00 exam fee plus a $53.00 remote proctoring fee).

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