Sunset Bills filed

Bills to continue the regulation and functions of the Texas Board of Professional
Geoscientists have been filed both in the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Representative Senfronia Thompson (Harris County) filed HB 1311 in the House.
Senator Kirk Watson (Travis County) filed SB 609 in the Senate.

Previously, the Sunset Advisory Commission voted 10–2 to continue the
Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG) through September 1, 2025.
The Sunset Advisory Commission also adopted a number of recommendations
to the Texas Geoscience Practice Act, which are listed in its November 2019 Decision.

Continuation of the TBPG and implementation of the Sunset recommendations
will require legislation to be passed to amend the Texas Geoscience Practice Act.

TBPG will be tracking these bill through the legislative session.

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