The Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists has adopted a Code of Professional Conduct that is applicable to all license holders.  The specific conduct codes are provided in the following rule sections.

TBPG Rules, TX Administrative Code, Subchapter C,  Code of Professional Conduct

851.101. General
851.102. Competence/Negligence
851.103. Recklessness
851.104. Dishonest Practice
851.105. Conflicts of Interest
851.106. Responsibility to the Regulation of the Geoscience Profession and Public Protection
851.107. Prevention of Unauthorized Practice
851.108. Criminal Convictions
851.109. Substance Abuse
851.110. Effect of Enforcement Proceedings on Application
851.111. Professional Geoscientists Shall Maintain Confidentiality of Clients
851.112. Required Reports to the TBPG
851.113. Duty to abide by Board Order and timely pay administrative penalty

Texas Geoscience Practice Act, Texas Occupations Code 1002

The Texas Geoscience Practice Act provides for the requirement of Professional Geoscience licensure and Geoscience Firm Registration.  Certain geoscience activities are exempt from the requirement of licensure.

The Texas Geoscience Practice Act provides the reasons the TBPG can take disciplinary action and the types of disciplinary actions the TBPG’s Appointed Board may take.

In addition to the disciplinary actions the Appointed Board may take that are listed in §1002.403, the Texas Geoscience Practice Act provides that TBPG’s Appointed Board may impose an Administrative Penalty (administrative monetary fine).

The Texas Geoscience Practice Act also provides for certain due process rights found in other sections of the Act.
For more information, see the entire chapter in the Texas Geoscience Practice Act.