Per Texas Government Code, Sec. 2054.1265, TBPG considers its high-value data to be the following:

  • Information relating to its license holders, which can be found under the “License Search” tab under “Online Services” at the top of each page on this website:
    1. Licensed Professional Geoscientists (PGs)
    2. Registered Geoscience Firms (GFs)
    3. Certified Geoscientists-in-Training (GITs)
  • Information regarding individuals and firms against whom disciplinary action has been taken,  which is found under the “Disciplinary Actions” tab under “Enforcement” at the top of each page on this website.

Customized reports.  TBPG’s licensing data is changing constantly due to licenses expiring, new licenses being issued, licenses being renewed, etc. TBPG is able to develop reports that provide the following information: Licensee name, license type, license number, license expiration date, employer name (as available), employer address (as available), and business phone (as available).  Please contact TBPG’s Executive Director for information,