Information on Reciprocity

An applicant for a Professional Geoscientist license who is currently or has been licensed or registered to practice a discipline of geoscience under the law of another state, a territory or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia may be eligible to demonstrate having met all or some of the qualifications for licensure through one of the following endorsements.

Licensure by Reciprocal Agreement

Licensure by reciprocity agreement is the process whereby an applicant for licensure as a Professional Geoscientist in Texas who is currently licensed as a Professional Geoscientist in the other jurisdiction becomes licensed under the terms of a formal reciprocity agreement between the two jurisdiction’s Boards.

TBPG currently has reciprocity agreements with the following states:  Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Wyoming.  Please see the Reciprocity Agreements page to review the signed agreements.

Reciprocal Licensure by Similar Examination

Unless a specific reciprocity agreement exists with TBPG, applicants for licensure with TBPG must provide proof of passing scores on applicable licensing examinations. An applicant must submit proof of passage of an examination or examinations that are substantially similar to the applicable examinations approved by the Board.

Cooperative Licensure

An applicant for a Professional Geoscientist license who is currently licensed or registered to practice who was licensed without examination, i.e. “grandfathered”, with regard to a licensing examination or who was licensed based on a licensing examination that is not recognized as substantially similar to the current licensing examination shall be deemed to have met the examination requirement upon verification of the following:

  1. Verification of a valid licensure in the other state or states. The applicant requesting licensure under this subsection must be in good standing with the State in which that person holds their current license as a professional geologist or geoscientist;  
  2. Verification of at least five (5) years of responsible professional geoscience work experience since the date of their initial licensure;  
  3. Verification that licensure was maintained continuously (including sequential licensure, if a license was held in more than one state) during the five (5) years prior to application with the Board; and 
  4. Verification that no complaints are pending against the applicant,  that no complaints against the person has been substantiated, and no disciplinary actions have ever been taken against the applicant.

Applicants applying under cooperative licensure must contact the licensing board(s) through which an applicant has been licensed to request a verification of their license to be sent directly to TBPG.

Applying for Licensure by Reciprocity

To apply for licensure by reciprocity, applicants must provide and/or submit the following P.G. application documentation.*

  • P.G. Application: All applicants for P.G. licensure must submit Form A – Application for P.G. Licensure
  • Qualifying Experience: Documentation providing proof of having met the experience requirement (may be included on the Application)
  • Official Academic Transcripts: Sealed official transcripts demonstrating the required degree and coursework from your academic institution(s) must be provided to TBPG
  • Verification of other Geoscience-Related Licenses: Verification must be provided through the Form XII – Verification of Other Licenses for every geoscience-related license held, whether the license is current or expired
  • Passing Examination Scores: Documentation of having passed the appropriate licensing examination for a discipline of geoscience should be provided by a previous licensing entity through the license verification request (Form XII – Verification of Other Licenses), or you may submit an Form E – Examination Request to request sitting for the appropriate licensing examination(s)
  • Application Fee: Application fee for P.G. licensure is $255, and is payable by check or money order to TBPG, P.O. Box 13225, Austin, TX 78711

*Please note that TBPG is authorized to accept copies of relevant licensing records such as academic transcripts and personal and professional reference statements that are provided to TBPG directly by another licensing board on behalf of an applicant who is currently licensed in their jurisdiction.  However, other licensing boards may or may not be authorized by their respective statutes to forward such information.