All new P.G. applicants must take the licensing exam(s) for their respective discipline or verify proof of passing examination scores prior to applying for licensure to the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG).

To become a Licensed Professional Geoscientist, applicants must meet the following requirements as required by TBPG Rule §851.20:

TBPG Rule §851.20 Requirements for licensure

(1) Exam:  Passing score on an examination or examinations required by the TBPG covering the fundamentals and practice of the appropriate discipline of geoscience documented as specified in §851.21 of this chapter;

(2) Experience: A minimum of five years of qualifying work experience during which the applicant has demonstrated being qualified to assume responsible charge of geoscientific work;

  1.   A total of one year of qualifying work experience credit may be granted for each full-time year of graduate study in a discipline of geoscience, not to exceed two years;
  2.   The Appointed Board may accept qualifying work experience in lieu of the education requirement as provided in TOC §1002.255;

(3) Education: Academic requirements for licensure as specified in TOC §1002.255 and §851.25 of this chapter; and

(4) Supporting documentation of any license requirement, as determined by Board staff or the Appointed Board, relating to criminal convictions as specified in §851.108 of this chapter; relating to substance abuse issues as specified in §851.109 of this chapter; and relating to issues surrounding reasons the Appointed Board may deny a license as specified in the Geoscience Practice Act at TOC §1002.401 and §1002.402.

Applying for P.G. Licensure

To apply for a P.G. license, applicants must submit the following application materials and documentation.*

  • P.G. Application: All applicants must submit Form A – Application for P.G. Licensure
  • Qualifying Experience: Proof of having met the experience requirement (Qualifying Work Experience Record)
  • Official Academic Transcripts: Sealed official transcripts demonstrating the required degree and coursework from your academic institution(s) must be provided to TBPG
  • Verification of other Geoscience-Related Licenses: Verification of every geoscience-related license held by the applicant must be provided through the Form XII – Verification of Other Licenses, whether the other licenses are current or expired
  • Passing Examination Scores: Proof of having passed the appropriate licensing examination may be provided to TBPG through the verification request process (Form XII – Verification of Other Licenses), or the applicant may submit an Form E – Examination Request to request taking the appropriate licensing examination(s)
  • Application Fee: Application fee for P.G. licensure is $255, and is payable by check or money order to TBPG, P O Box 13225, Austin, TX 78711

*Please note that TBPG is authorized to accept copies of relevant licensing records such as academic transcripts that are provided directly to TBPG from another licensing board.  However, other licensing boards may or may not be authorized by their respective statutes to provide such information to TBPG.  The states of Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Wyoming and Louisiana have agreed to provide license application documents to TBPG through the respective Reciprocity Agreement that has been established between their board and TBPG.

Upon receipt of all required materials and fees, and having satisfied all requirements, the applicant shall be licensed and a unique Professional Geoscientist license number shall be assigned to the licensee.

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