Agency Review of Existing Rules

Four Year Rule Review – Texas Government Code §2001.039

TBPG conducted its last four-year rule review in 2021-2022. Per Texas Government Code §2001.039, every state agency in Texas must review and consider each of its rules for re-adoption at least every four years. November 2020 and into 2021, each section of TBPG’s rules were reviewed individually to assess whether the reasons for initially adopting the rules still exist.

Changes that are proposed to TBPG rules as a result of the Rule Review will occur via the normal State rule making process conducted through the Texas Register. In this process, the Appointed Board publicly votes on proposed Rule changes during a Board meeting. The proposed Rule changes are posted by the Appointed Board to the Texas Register and the public is given a certain window of time to submit comments. The Appointed Board again meets to consider these comments under a formal review process, having formal consideration requirements, before voting whether to adopt the Rule changes.


Please note the following links for information regarding TBPG’s review of its rules in 2020-2021: