CE FAQs related to COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding CE Activities.
Many of you may have questions about how to earn and log CE credits during this time. Here are some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and TBPG’s CE requirements:

  • How do carryover hours work with the 9 hour CE credit due to COVID?
    Due to COVID-19, all licensees who renewed from March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, will receive a 9 hour continuing education credit. This action meant that a licensee would only need to earn 6 hours (one hour must be ethics) to meet the renewal requirement of 15 hours. For licensees who earned more than 6 hours of CE credit, any hours earned in excess of six may be carried over (up to the maximum 30 carryover hours allowed). To show this on your continuing education log, please add “TBPG COVID Credit” and “9 hours” as an entry.  *PLEASE NOTE: Due to the continued opening of business operations in Texas, TBPG’s temporary COVID policies expired on June 30, 2021. 
  • Do virtual meetings hosted by professional societies count for CE credit?
    Yes. There is no restriction that continuing education activities/events listed in §851.32(f) must be held in-person. Virtual meetings will be accepted. Only courses that are geoscientific in nature or relate to the practice of geoscience should be counted.
  • What is the difference between a virtual meeting and self-directed study?
    A virtual meeting or seminar is typically hosted by an organization or other entity and a speaker or speakers are directing and delivering the content. Log this type of presentation as a meeting, whether you are watching a recording of the event or are live streaming it. Self-directed study is content you watch or read that is not being organized by presented by a group. Examples include reading publications or watching education videos.
  • How do I log virtual meetings?
    When logging a virtual meeting, complete the log as if it were an in-person event, except list the location as online or virtual. Be sure to include the name of the organization hosting the meeting, name of speaker, topic, and date you viewed the meeting.
  • How do I log self-directed study?
    At a minimum, log the topic, date you accessed the material, author, and type of media (book, journal, video). Aim to keep a log of this information as if you were creating a works cited or bibliography.
  • My renewal date is a several months away. Will the CE credit apply to me then?
    Due to the continued opening of business operations in Texas, TBPG’s temporary COVID policies expired on June 30, 2021.


Please refer to TBPG Rule §851.32 for further information about the continuing education program. If you have questions contact TBPG at 512-936-4408 or compliance@tbpg.texas.gov.

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