Monitoring Water Availability in Hill Country

AUSTIN – William Feathergail Wilson gathers and analyzes information from groundwater monitoring wells located in Kerr County.  Mr. Wilson is a licensed Professional Geoscientist (PG) in Texas, who works for Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District.  They have been busy recently drilling four new monitor wells, which help to predict water availability and sustainability for the future.

Mr. Wilson plays an important part in analyzing the data.  As he explains, samples are run every 10 feet.  The material then is analyzed under a microscope and charted.

“We are creating a stratigraphic framework of all the aquifers,”

says Mr. Wilson.  From this framework, the information can be used to create maps, cross-sections and water availability models.

These monitor wells

“create a sound scientific database for policy makers to make clear and concise decisions concerning groundwater issues within Kerr County.  Landowners, drillers, ranchers, cities, communities, realtors and developers all benefit from this carefully documented groundwater science,”

says Mr. Wilson.

Feather Wilson, PG, is a professional geologist and has been licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists since December 30, 2002.

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